@Miikinc does #Movember – Beware Elevator Sitings

This dress was featured already but I wanted to show it again in front of the elevator. Don’t know why but it looks different and a little more sophisticated in a dim-lit hallway. I happened to press the button when an unsuspecting elevator traveller stepped out, gave me a look, smirked and as he walked away looked back at me again! I didn’t look that odd, did I?

OK, back to the clothing. Here it is again: Dale Shoulder-Detail Dress in Navy. Details here.

  • So, don’t forget to donate to #Movember. At the very least, share this post with others so you can drive awareness to this important cause: http://mosista.co/hessiejones
  • Go to Miik, buy some amazing clothing. And 10% of online sales this month go to Movember!

About Miik [pronounced: mick/mik]
Miik designs simple yet striking clothing for active women who don’t want to sacrifice comfort to look great. Using sustainably sourced fabrics like bamboo, Miik creates pieces that feel unbelievably soft against your skin and are flattering on so many body types. Once you try on Miik you’ll never want to wear anything else!

Miik is designed, milled and sewn in the Toronto area. Visit www.miik.ca for a complete list of retailers or to shop online.

Visit Miik for a complete list of retailers or to shop online.

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