The Future of Advertising and how the Splinternet Impacts it

As online evolves, I’ve been comforted by the fact that the niche-play of social media will inhibit dominance by large players like the MSNs, Yahoo! and AOL of yesteryear.

But I’ve spoken too soon and in this day and age, and unless you’re hearing about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple…. or even Wikileaks–at least once per day, the rest of the stories seem to pale in comparison.

The Splinternet is a topic that I’ve continued to delve into, especially as a marketer whose crossed the divide from online to social. As we get more social, it’s apparent that the internet divide grows increasingly larger.

Here’s my take on what that means to marketers and to the future of advertising. You can read the full story on

The Brutal Decline of Yahoo [INFOGRAPHIC]

It was THE company in its heyday. It was set to take over the world — the destination where people globally went to everyday. There was a time when every Yahoo! past and present bled “purple”. But the company has, over time, made some catastrophic errors in how it managed its NEW acquisitions; in deprioritizing development of community properties; in making the wrong assumption that display media was the ad model here and in the future; and don’t forget in handing over the search market to Google when it clearly had the upper hand.  My hat off to Carol Bartz–the highest paid female in the U.S. at $40 Million–you have your work cut out for you!


Just How Massive is GOOGLE Anyway? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I saw this from an email from @dancall1 and thought I’d post it for reference purposes. Remember how Facebook was compared to the third largest country? In this infographic, “Over 1 trillion unique URLS, if typed from end to end, these web addresses would stretch 51 million km, a third of the distance to the sun”. Freaky!

Social Sites: Personified

Did you wonder what it would be like to meet Twitter in person?… or Google? I saw this today on Twitter and I had to share it! Enjoy!

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