Sights and Sounds of the Whistler World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2008

It’s my day 3 technically at TWSSF and I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the stuff that’s going on here. We’re here to showcase the Overlay.TV technology and build awareness for our brand. Filmmaker Showdown is where we will show our commercial but Fashion Exposed tonight is where we will really prove out this new video experience. We will be working with the event staff to film the entire show and overlay 19 brand segments consisting of clothing/skis/logos for each participating brand. This will be our proof of concept for clickable product placement. See our teaser video on the TWSSF site.

It’s not all work and I’m definitely trying to do a bit of R&R and enjoy the stuff around me. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was a skier. Go figure… I’m going to one of the most illustrious events of its kind and I don’t have the “Canadian” gumption to engage in its national sport. I do skate if that’s any consolation but it does not help me here in Whistler. So I’ve chosen to après all day every day and take in the concert series, the food, the shopping and the amazing shows.

At 2:30 every afternoon, the skiers come of the slopes directly onto the main stage where they’re met with some of the coolest music from Julian Marley (pics below) The Trews, Ill Scarlet, Blackalicious, L’il Jazz among the many. This plaza is absolutely dead in the mornings as everyone typically takes to the slopes but by mid-afternoon when the sun’s shining and everybody’s ready for a brew and some downtime, this kind of entertainment is just the ticket.

The Filmmaker Showdown was as awesome as I remembered it. The attendance was standing room only…at least 3,000 people here to watch the finalists who had been up for 72 hours creating a 4 minute film masterpiece. The submissions were awesome. The winner, ‘Arbitrarily Pear’ provided this quirky plot about the alternative to stairs….because “stairs are for jerks”….quite funny. The Pro Photographer’s Showdown totally blew me away as it showcased some of the best at their craft showcasing some of the best snowboarding, ski and landscape photos I’ve ever seen. The incredible shots were taken in places that required ability to get to some of the most remote and highest elevation points.

So tonight, Fashion Exposed, tomorrow an Executive Breakfast and back to TO.

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