What the F**K is Social media NOW?

Aside from the profane title, this is an amazing presentation that was made known to me by @stevenltaylor  Thanks Steve!  My favourite slide is on page 45 that validates the voice of consumer OVER the corporate entity: 

  • BP’s official Twitter Account: 16,000 followers
  • vs Satirical (anonymously-run) BP Twitter Account: 180,000 followers

Remember the news item called “The TIFF tweet heard around the world?” It was not, according to the Toronto Star, the story about bedbugs infesting Scotiabank Theatre.”  It was a story about a rumour, one that was spawned by a suggestion of a bedbug infestation. This little itty bitty rumour proliferated to various blogs and news sites implying a “critter hijack” of one of the Toronto International Film Festival venues.

This is just a validation of this presentation. So, take note!

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