Embraces the New Technology while Appealing to the Sensibilities of their Customers

I’ve had the awesome privilege of working with, (parent company of in the last couple of years, introducing them to a medium that would help supplement their acquisition and retention efforts. While it started with educating them in social media, they were one client that came to quickly embrace it and realize the inherent benefits as it related to ROI. Along the way, social media became a strong channel to quickly gauge customer service satisfaction, test promotions, and alert the business to new insights about their most valuable customers.
This experience has opened their eyes to the possibility of launching a service, leveraging grass roots as a way to help build the business from the ground up – while maintaining and nurturing those key customer relationships along the way.  Rob Weatherall, of Directbrands, has been a true maverick for the brands he manages and has been open to developing and carving out a new channel to help drive marketing efforts.

For, social media would prove to be somewhat of a challenge– had a few barriers to contend:

  • For a new brand, it had little to no brand awareness
  • had to brace itself against the mighty and Indigo/Chapters in order to hope to create some visibility within the Canadian book category
  • The advent of e-books and e-reader technology would be difficult to overcome given’s core proposition: traditional hard and soft cover books

But bookscene has overcome these obstacles and has found a way to play in this category by differentiating its offering and its appeal to consumers. Through social media, bookscene has been able to really define itself in the Canadian marketplace and will continue to do so. The relationship began with a conversation, and it’s this enduring dialogue that will keep appealing to consumers in a way that will build loyalty for their business.
Please read the full article on is officially launching September 29, 2010 at the Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto (link). Please RSVP to attend this event.

Fun with Google Instant [VIDEO] “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

This is my Monday morning energy-food. What a great way to deliver the benefits of “Instant”.  My searches are now faster, personalized and take the guess-work out of key words that I may not necessarily have thought about. Google, I like this!

What the F**K is Social media NOW?

Aside from the profane title, this is an amazing presentation that was made known to me by @stevenltaylor  Thanks Steve!  My favourite slide is on page 45 that validates the voice of consumer OVER the corporate entity: 

  • BP’s official Twitter Account: 16,000 followers
  • vs Satirical (anonymously-run) BP Twitter Account: 180,000 followers

Remember the news item called “The TIFF tweet heard around the world?” It was not, according to the Toronto Star, the story about bedbugs infesting Scotiabank Theatre.”  It was a story about a rumour, one that was spawned by a suggestion of a bedbug infestation. This little itty bitty rumour proliferated to various blogs and news sites implying a “critter hijack” of one of the Toronto International Film Festival venues.

This is just a validation of this presentation. So, take note!

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