Social Media Success Stories: Part I, Interview with Joselin Mane

The more I speak to people, representatives of corporations, medium and small business, it has become very clear to me that despite the nascency of social media, many are still unaware of the tremendous branding and traffic opportunities they could employ to move the needle for their business. SEM and display advertising are still the online vehicles of choice.  In these tentative times spending resources have to be managed appropriately and it’s clear that this new form of marketing can help drive significant organic traffic that is much more sustainable than these traditional methods.  In an attempt to find some live cases, I purposely pursued a few people whom I follow on Twitter to provide me with valuable insight into how Social Media has worked for them.

Part 1 of my 2-part series features Joselin Mane. Joselin heads a company called LITBeL Consulting that provides leading edge marketing services for SEO, SEM, social media and web development. Joselin has been living/breathing within the social media space since the dot-bomb in the late ‘1990’s, before a term was even applied to this space. His guidance on the value of social media for any business, large or small is pretty inspiring.

Click here to listen to the interview :

What you’ll learn from Joselin Mane:

  • His story on making the move from big corp to venturing out on his own.
  • Why the web is about the people not necessarily the technology.
  • Examples of companies successfully incorporating social media to develop their brand.
  • Why Twitter vs. Facebook?
  • Why the mentality of leaders of companies large and small must change to embrace social media and recognize the medium’s increasing impacts to their brands.
  • Why smaller companies are at a better advantage in this space.
  • How social media has benefited his business.
  • The future of media and multiple consumption, and who is doing it right.
  • Why social media is a long-term, evolving strategy that requires constant interration?

Some words of wisdom :

  • “The more control you give up, the more control you have”.
  • “The value you deliver equals the value you receive.”
  • “You can systematize the process but NOT the conversation.”
  • “Listen first.  Determine the pains you’re trying to address.”
  • “You don’t find products for customers; customers will tell you what products to create”
  • “You can’t force people to go to your site;  you need to go to where people are.”

I encourage you to go to LITBel. Have a look at his quick action guide called “5 Actions to Start your Social Media“.

Coming soon: Social Media Success Stories: Part II, Interview with Alejandro Reyes of

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