Start-ups and Superheroes…..what striking resemblance??!!

I happen to stumble onto Jason Nazar’s Blog and I saw this post titled, “10 Lessons Startups Can Learn From Superheroes” and I was quite taken at the parallels he was making between the two. Some of the analogies were a bit cheesy but memorable nonetheless. I’ve re-posted some of the ones I liked here but feel free to see his full blog post. For all you unrelenting, committed, 24/7 would-be-millionaires, this one’s for you!

Superheroes Always Get the Job Done

There are no excuses if you don’t save the girl from the burning house. There are just results, not reasons. You either save the day or you don’t. Gray area is for Kafka not comic heroes.

Superheroes Do Not Seek Glory…But They Get it Anyway
Don’t do it because you want the attention.
If you do it right, you’ll get it anyway

Superheroes Can Do it By Themselves But Are More Powerful in Teams

You always have to have each other’s back. It’s you vs. the world and bringing together your own team of superheroes, and the mutual respect, loyalty, and camaraderie of that team is vital.

Superheroes’ True Strength Comes From Their Character
No matter how super you think you are, your strength comes from your character — not your talent. Be courageous, be respectful, be honorable, be selfless.

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