My Return to Music

I knew there was a reason I returned to music. I may not be the most naturally talented cellist but I love the journey in learning and take pride in my accomplishments. I’m a late bloomer and while I have been trained at the Royal Conservatory in my very early years, I abandoned the craft, foolishly thinking that it would do me no good in my later years.

And when I see videos such as my favourites below, I know I’ve made the right decision to return to music. I think I’ve finally come home:)

Ukele Kid: I’m Yours: Ok, he can’t sing but he sure can play! And he’s really adorable!

August Rush: Guitar Slap: One of my favourite scenes from the movie!

guitar90: Canon: Everytime I see this I am speechless. I recently played at a string concert –over 60 violinists and cellists playing in our own rendition of Pachebel’s Canon! I’m always moved by this particular piece!

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