@Miikinc does #Movember – Chic

Don’t ask me what I’m doing? I’m just posing! I’m not a model. I think I disclosed that in the beginning right? I’m showing off the clothing people… that’s it!

I would totally buy this but I think I would be cut off that this point so I refrained. This is great casually but also for a holiday party.

  • Patty Casual Pant in black. Details here.
  • Madeline Asymmetrical Top in Red. Details here.

About Miik [pronounced: mick/mik]
Miik designs simple yet striking clothing for active women who don’t want to sacrifice comfort to look great. Using sustainably sourced fabrics like bamboo, Miik creates pieces that feel unbelievably soft against your skin and are flattering on so many body types. Once you try on Miik you’ll never want to wear anything else!

Miik is designed, milled and sewn in the Toronto area. Visit www.miik.ca for a complete list of retailers or to shop online.

Visit Miik for a complete list of retailers or to shop online.

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