Personal Branding comes to Infographics: Introducing @Piktochart

So, it was time to update the CV and I passed on my mundane 8-page resume to a recruiter. It read like a book, and anyone even wanting to know about me would not even get passed the first page. The recruiter was blunt and told me I was in dire need of a major clean-up on my resume. I would have to hire a professional resume builder or somehow figure out how to maximize my profile–on my own.

Then I ran into a friend, @carmineporco who directed me to a site called Piktochart. So, I thought especially for those archaic recruiters who don’t go to LinkedIn, and still need to see the standard CV, this is a great way to spice up your profile: your CV in pictures.

Piktochart is a really simple interface: It’s all drag and drop. You can upload images, choose from many different templates that include cool charts and graphics. It’s perfect for people, like me, who have no real design experience. Edit and save your work online and download it as a .PNG file. Try it out for free.  You get 5 different templates to choose from and are only limited to 5 image uploads. Plus, you’re mandated to include the Pictochart watermark. But for $29 per month, you get 80+ themes, unlimited image uploads, better customization and the option to exclude the watermark.

Take a look at my CV below. This one took me about 8 hours – only because I was picky about the colours and how I wanted to present the information. Try it out! It’s awesome!

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