HeroBox: Toronto-based Start-up helps turn Web Visitors into Customers

I was recently introduced to an interesting start-up company, HeroBox, a fledgling no more than 5 days old. What makes them special? Its participants were introduced at Startup Weekend Toronto, and won the most competitive start-up competition in North America.

The Premise of Startup Weekend Toronto: “All Talk, No Action. Launch a Start-up in 54 Hours”. How does it work? People submit ideas, which are voted upon. Top ideas will bring together participants: in marketing and developer community to collaborate, build the product and launch the start-up. Participants need to do this in 54 hours.

What’s more exciting? HeroBox. managed to raise of 25,000 in commitments following the event. Among its clients: AppSumo, PostageApp, EventMobi, DentistFind and Garrison Bespoke plus agencies like Playground, Bizmedia, and TeamBuy eager to use with their clients. Even an endorsement came from Chief Sumo himself, Noah Kagan from AppSumo to further validate demand for his idea. David Tran is the genius behind HeroBox, and he and his team mates, Chris Nguyenis and Timothy Leung along with 12 other rock stars, walked away with $60,000 in prizes to launch the company.

What was the winning idea? HeroBox is an online marketing tool that takes analytics to drive conversion based on consumer behaviour. David explained, HeroBox replicates the online sales rep. Utilizing Google Analytics, the technology helps identify specific user behaviour on a website to determine drop-off, but most importantly, the moment of motivation. Ultimately, this will help businesses (small and large) implement strategies to drive visits into conversions. This goes beyond home page chat and utilizes data intelligence and learning to optimize campaign results.

As David states, “Our company is in its early stages. We are pursuing patents on our product and a team of 15 enthusiastic developers, designers and marketers are working around the clock to further our business.”

Herobox wants to draw international attention to the start-up/entrepreneurial scene in Toronto. This video will be disseminated internationally to venture capitalists. As a result of it’s Startup Weekend Toronto win, HeroBox is now entered in the Global Start-up Battle Competition, and collecting votes based on its 90-second pitch video in the second phase of the contest, which ends Nov. 28. Judges will then size up the entries and announce an overall winner Nov. 29.

I encourage you to go to Global Start-up Battle Competition and view the their video and vote. If you’re a small business, perhaps this is a solution for you. It definitely is challenging the landscape of ideas-turned-to-product. And best of all….. it’s right in our back yard!

Updated:  Interview From Karim Kanji from XconnectTV


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