Nabs Edge Walk at the CN Tower – Aug 2, 2011

I promised my dear friend Sonya that I’d dedicate this blog post to helping her spread the word about her mission.

Here’s her story:

As I mentioned, late last week I signed up for the Nabs Edge walk ( on the CN Tower taking place on August 2nd.  Still can’t believe it’s less than a week away…  Needless to say, besides being scared out of my mind, I’m a tad bit behind in fundraising (to put it mildly.)  Chris and Noah think it’s pretty cool though so I can’t chicken out!

What is Nabs Edge Walk?

OK…. so just so you haven’t figure out how scary this really is, check this out!:

“Edge Walk is where thrill-seeking adventurers will be taking a walk…outside and around the circumference of the CN Tower’s roof. Not quite your average stroll in the park……EdgeWalk is the first attraction of its kind in North America and the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 5 ft wide ledge. Don’t worry though, it’s only 116 stories above the ground.”

OK, so Sonya you are truly brave for doing this.

Nabs supports Canadian professionals in the communications industry facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties by helping those with job searches and short term financial aid.

Here are some stories that I grabbed from the site:

Finding inner strength through NABS

A 50-year old divorced woman who had spent her whole career in the advertising industry was diagnosed with an illness that required long periods of time in the hospital. She had to resign from her position and was only left with government funding, which wasn’t enough to cover her expenses.

NABS began providing this woman with financial assistance to help her with rent, utilities and other necessities. Relieved from financial worries, this strong, resilient woman, managed to find freelance work, and when that wasn’t enough to cover expenses, NABS was there. Recently, she found a full-time job and continues to express her gratitude to NABS—not only for paying her bills, but also for helping her draw on her inner strength and talent to secure freelance work and, ultimately, full-time employment.

Solving problems with a different approach

With four children, it was very difficult for this 35-year-old man when both he and his wife filed for personal bankruptcy, on which they were still paying penalties. With his wife unemployed, his salary wasn’t enough to cover the young family’s needs.

NABS not only provided financial assistance, but we also offered the family financial, career and personal counseling. NABS Personal and Career Counseling was a great help to his wife and enabled her to find work. In the meantime, the man found a second job to help supplement their income, while our career counsellor helped him outline an alternate career path, which ultimately led to a better paying job.

Back on their feet in three months

When he applied to NABS, he was a 34-year-old married marketing manager with a young son. He had been unemployed for almost three years. His wife’s salary wasn’t enough to cover all the family’s expenses and they had used up all their savings and RRSPs. NABS arranged financial assistance to help the family with essential needs. We also arranged financial, career and personal counseling to enable them to get back on their feet.

The financial assistance kept the couple afloat while they worked with a financial counselor to devise a plan that would help them make changes and lower their expenses. With the help of our career counselor, the husband created a plan that helped him find full-time employment. By providing the plans and motivation this couple so desperately needed, NABS was able to help this family get back on its feet within three months

Sonys’a request:

I need all the help I can get with raising donations.  Anyone can donate here,  I realize it’s a last minute request but any help you can give me would be so appreciated!

Please donate!  And don’t miss this amazing event.. from your comfy seats down….down….down below!

Good luck Sonya!

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