The Full iPhone 5 Rumour Round-Up

I saw this on Iphone Hacks and I had to put it up. This is the reason I’ve held on to my 3G and chose to forego the iPhone 4. This might be worth waiting for:

My Team Sheen Social Media Internship Application

So…. yes I will admit I applied for Charlie’s Sheen Internship program. It was more of a whim than anything else. I didn’t really think about it when I applied. And I seriously didn’t think it would amount to much.  But now I’ve moved to the 3rd Round. I still don’t have any real hopes of this leading anywhere. I seriously enjoy the process, wherever it takes me.

So what got me to Round 2. The question was: “In 140 characters or less, why should you be the Social Media Intern?”

My response: “You want your fans to love you….. I’ll show you how to show’em the love!”

Getting to Round 3 was a piece of cake. They literally wanted me to fill out an application to include three of my social networks. So I included my blog, my Twitter account, and my LinkedIn account.

Getting to Round 4 is a little bit more involved Team Sheen had asked us to create a video case study response with a maximum length of 2 minutes.  I chose the following question: In your opinion what is the best company using social media today? Here’s the video response: I am indebted to The Biz Media for developing a kick-ass video. You guys are amazing! Thanks Guy, Dan and Justin!!! Justin, thanks for your patience and for your creativity in pulling this together in just a few hours. In my opinion, you made me look far better than I ever expected!

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